Testing & Balancing

What It Is

Air balancing is the process of testing and modifying an HVAC system to ensure that heating and cooling outputs are consistent, and temperatures are comfortable in all rooms of the building. It aims to correct any airflow issues so no one room is warmer or colder than others but instead the temperature is evenly distributed throughout. Better air quality from air balancing can increase energy efficiency, improve comfort levels and decrease energy bills.

When You May Need It

  • If you have noticed inconsistent temperatures within a building, your HVAC system may benefit from air balancing.
  • If your HVAC system hasn’t been rebalanced in 5 years it is a good idea to keep air quality, comfort, and efficiency at peak performance. All mechanical systems fall out of alignment over time.
  • If you have had any changes in floor plans. Have a test performed to prevent any airflow deficiencies caused by construction.

How D.V. Brown Can Help

To check the air balance, D.V. Brown technicians will need to test your HVAC system’s performance. We do this by understanding how much air is exiting from registers around the building, evaluating air pressure, and gauging the amount of humidity & temperatures in different spaces. If our skilled technicians determine that airflow is imbalanced because of a problem with the ducts, they will then discuss with the property owner the best course of action to fix it.

The solution may be to simply insulate or seal damaged ducts. Loose duct joints can be repaired by refitting and sealing the junction. If the HVAC system has design flaws, such as inadequately sized ducts or ductwork that is too long, the repair may require a retrofit of some ducts to even out the flow of air conditioning.

D.V. Brown service technicians can help ensure that commercial facilities’ HVAC systems are designed, constructed, and maintained with engineering and energy best practices in mind. As your new or remodel building projects develop, it is easy for HVAC testing, adjusting, balancing, and commissioning to be overlooked.

Let us verify your HVAC system is providing a healthy and efficient space.