The job was a success due to the excellent contractors that followed LPC’s lead and were committed to the job. DVB was one of those contractors. Josh, Dino, and Jay did an excellent job given the complexity of this project. This was not an easy one. In fact, in the 35 years I have been in construction, I have never seen construction like this ever. It was a mechanical nightmare, and your team tackled it with a positive and professional attitude. This is what made the job a success.

Thank you again for a job very well done.

Peter Spada
Senior Project Superintendant, LP Ciminelli, Inc.

As a business owner, myself, we seldom here the feedback and the good things that are people accomplish, its more along the lines of putting out fires, fire drills and future business planning etc…

Well, I feel compelled to tell you how thankful I/we are for your DVB team; Erik DeGlopper, Mark Paolucci, Bill Rhodes and Kevin Bucholtz.

Long story short, I received a phone call at 5:30pm last night from the owners in NYC from one of our larger Nursing Home clients in Williamsville. There facility was down with no domestic hot water, boilers were failed, grievances were filed, the owners, staff and residents were in a horrific place.

I made a single phone call to Erik, within 5 minutes the DVB team was assembled, fitters (Bill Rhodes & Kevin Bucholtz) and drivers were dispatched and Mark was on the horn coordinating. They mobilized, picked up the new boiler from my warehouse, delivered, demoed and worked thru the night for installation and a successful startup with our technicians. The facility was back up and operational by 1am.

JC Bonczar
President, B.J. Muirhead Co., Inc.

I want to thank you for your attention to the sprinkler issue we had at Crescendo yesterday.  That really wasn’t something DV Brown was responsible for but you stepped up and were a huge help for us.  The team at DV Brown has continued to shine as one of our top trade partners and for that, we cannot thank you enough.  We are really looking forward to working with you again on future projects.

Bobby Corrao
President, Natale Development

Your team did a great job.  The Kwik-Wall system works perfect now.  You and your crew are great ambassadors for your company.

Dale Walter
Chief Engineer, Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel

Brown HVAC design and implementation at New Directions Youth and Family Services, Inc. In 2014, DV Brown was granted work on a 1.2 million dollar HVAC renovation project at New Directions Youth and Family Services, Inc. This project included the replacement of 40 heat pump units in our 57,0000 square foot school in Lockport and the total redesign of an antiquated heating and cooling system in the 40,000 square foot administrative building in Lockport. The heat pump replacement in the school was fairly standard, but required additional engineering to get heat and cooling in the hallways. The administrative building, which is a rambling collection of add-ons to an original 150 year old mansion presented many challenges. Don Brown and his team of Erik Deglopper (engineer) and Omar Obdallah (project manager) were nothing less than outstanding. The solutions that Erik developed were creative and economical. Omar’s management of the project was one of extreme professionalism given the stresses placed on him by New Directions and difficulty of the project.  I can say that in my 25 years in corporate management that I have never worked with a more professional, polite and competent team. Most important for a non-profit like New Directions, the project came in on budget, the heating and cooling systems are dramatically improved and utility costs are much lower as was promised with the engineering design.

Michael C. Angelucci
Chief Financial Officer, Angelucci Wealth Management, LLC

On Friday August 14th , LPCiminelli received an urgent call at 1:00 PM from ECMC Plant Operations that a 6” water main in the 3rd floor administration conference area and corridor was leaking. Our team quickly assembled DV Brown, Huber and Weydman to remove the existing ceiling grid, light fixtures and examine the extent of the leak. Our team immediately reached out to Mark Paolucci of your company who was able to assemble a crew to come in and review the extent of damage to the existing piping. The crew was onsite within the hour and had their shop immediately begin fabricating the 80 LF of pipe that was needed to be replaced that night. At 10:00 PM the shutdown began with draining of the cold water system for the entire tower of the hospital. The system was back up and operational by 6:00 AM.

DV Brown’s response time to this near disastrous event was astounding. I give great thanks to Mark Paolucci for getting everything organized along with Frank and Vinny Depadre of DVBrown for coordinating the shutdown and working with LPCiminelli and RCG superintendent’s Brian Kelley and Mark Ketchum, and the ECMC Plant operations staff that night and early morning. On behalf of ECMCC and LPCiminelli, we would like to offer our sincere appreciation for the timely commitment of resources and talent in addressing this critical issue, and preventing a costly interruption to the operations of the hospital.

Tyler Mekus
Project Manager, LPCiminelli, Inc.