On Friday August 14th , LPCiminelli received an urgent call at 1:00 PM from ECMC Plant Operations that a 6” water main in the 3rd floor administration conference area and corridor was leaking. Our team quickly assembled DV Brown, Huber and Weydman to remove the existing ceiling grid, light fixtures and examine the extent of the leak. Our team immediately reached out to Mark Paolucci of your company who was able to assemble a crew to come in and review the extent of damage to the existing piping. The crew was onsite within the hour and had their shop immediately begin fabricating the 80 LF of pipe that was needed to be replaced that night. At 10:00 PM the shutdown began with draining of the cold water system for the entire tower of the hospital. The system was back up and operational by 6:00 AM.

DV Brown’s response time to this near disastrous event was astounding. I give great thanks to Mark Paolucci for getting everything organized along with Frank and Vinny Depadre of DVBrown for coordinating the shutdown and working with LPCiminelli and RCG superintendent’s Brian Kelley and Mark Ketchum, and the ECMC Plant operations staff that night and early morning. On behalf of ECMCC and LPCiminelli, we would like to offer our sincere appreciation for the timely commitment of resources and talent in addressing this critical issue, and preventing a costly interruption to the operations of the hospital.