Brown HVAC design and implementation at New Directions Youth and Family Services, Inc.

In 2014, DV Brown was granted work on a 1.2 million dollar HVAC renovation project at New Directions Youth and Family Services, Inc. This project included the replacement of 40 heat pump units in our 57,0000 square foot school in Lockport and the total redesign of an antiquated heating and cooling system in the 40,000 square foot administrative building in Lockport.

The heat pump replacement in the school was fairly standard, but required additional engineering to get heat and cooling in the hallways. The administrative building, which is a rambling collection of add-ons to an original 150 year old mansion presented many challenges.

Don Brown and his team of Erik Deglopper (engineer) and Omar Obdallah (project manager) were nothing less than outstanding. The solutions that Erik developed were creative and economical. Omar’s management of the project was one of extreme professionalism given the stresses placed on him by New Directions and difficulty of the project.  I can say that in my 25 years in corporate management that I have never worked with a more professional, polite and competent team.

Most important for a non-profit like New Directions, the project came in on budget, the heating and cooling systems are dramatically improved and utility costs are much lower as was promised with the engineering design.