As a business owner, myself, we seldom here the feedback and the good things that are people accomplish, its more along the lines of putting out fires, fire drills and future business planning etc…

Well, I feel compelled to tell you how thankful I/we are for your DVB team; Erik DeGlopper, Mark Paolucci, Bill Rhodes and Kevin Bucholtz.

Long story short, I received a phone call at 5:30pm last night from the owners in NYC from one of our larger Nursing Home clients in Williamsville. There facility was down with no domestic hot water, boilers were failed, grievances were filed, the owners, staff and residents were in a horrific place.

I made a single phone call to Erik, within 5 minutes the DVB team was assembled, fitters (Bill Rhodes & Kevin Bucholtz) and drivers were dispatched and Mark was on the horn coordinating. They mobilized, picked up the new boiler from my warehouse, delivered, demoed and worked thru the night for installation and a successful startup with our technicians. The facility was back up and operational by 1am.