Sewer Cleaning, Jetting, and Camera Inspections

DV Brown plumbers in Buffalo are trained to the highest standards – which means they can tackle any problem with knowledge and skill. From the simplest plumbing tasks to the most complicated, our team can assist with maintenance and emergency plumbing.
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Determining the root cause of your drain problems

A common issue frequently encountered is drain or sewer blockage, typically caused by the accumulation of grease, foreign objects, and other obstructions that impede the smooth flow of water and waste. To pinpoint the root cause and eliminate guesswork, we employ camera line inspections. Using a camera, our experts can precisely identify the source of the backup and detect any cracked or damaged pipes, all while maintaining a minimally-invasive approach that spares your floors and walls from excavation. This method provides quick insights into the problem’s location, nature, and necessary remedies.

In addition to camera inspections, we offer Hydro Jetting, a non-invasive plumbing solution. This method involves using high-pressure water flow to thoroughly clean pipeline inner surfaces. The hydro jetting tool emits pressurized water in a 360-degree pattern, effectively disintegrating scale, grease, and accumulated debris adhering to pipe walls. Importantly, when performed by professionals, hydro jetting does not harm pipes and is eco-friendly as it relies solely on water, making it an environmentally responsible choice for pipe maintenance.

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