Chutes, Compactors & Recycling Systems

We offer a wide range of customizable high-quality linen, recycling, and trash chutes, as well as trash compactors and bag packers.

Customizable high-quality linen, recycling, trash chutes, and more

D.V. Brown’s Chutes, Compactors & Recycling Systems service offers custom-designed chutes for your facility, featuring mechanically locked or butt-welded doors, rolling discharge for fire safety, and optional sanitizing units. Additional enhancements like electric interlocks, sound coating, and isolator pads ensure a disturbance-free environment for building occupants.

For high-rise buildings, D.V. Brown provides chute-fed waste compactors with tailored designs for efficient waste management. These compactors can use compaction containers wheeled outside for pickup or unattended bag packer systems.

Their recycling systems are personalized to suit your specific waste disposal needs, reducing facility management costs, eliminating floor-to-floor recycling collection programs, and boosting recycling rates.

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