Process Piping

D.V. Brown & Associates, Inc. offers design build and turnkey installation process piping and ventilation solutions to meet the needs of all types of facilities, from manufacturing to medical. We aim to provide our clients with reliable, long-term solutions for their chemical, water, steam or gas piping needs at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Our process piping team is comprised of engineers, process systems experts, qualified installation technicians and other specialists as needed. Our multidisciplinary approach allows for seamless coordination between all trades, enabling us to meet the challenges on a variety of projects, while ensuring timely installations under strict quality standards. We are fully-licensed in all types of fabricated piping systems, and highly skilled with a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, jacketed piping, lined piping and more. We add value to each project by employing state-of-the-art tools and technologies to adhere to each facility’s unique specifications.

We specialize in chemical industrial piping and sanitary process piping for food and pharmaceutical industries, including steam, water, air, wastewater and chemical distribution systems. Our diverse team of experts are well-versed in all facets of utility piping systems, including all relevant codes and regulations.

At DVB, we believe that ensuring the health and safety of building occupants, while minimizing environmental impact is crucial to each project’s success. A facility must be equipped with a keen, high-functioning ventilation system as it is a crucial line of defense in preventing unwanted release of chemicals, which can be hazardous to both building occupants and the surrounding environment. In addition to rigorous employee training in the code and practical design requirements for all piping systems, we offer variety of turnkey safety features, such as explosion-proof heating and cooling ventilation systems. We also recommend cogeneration systems for facilities with a high demand for heating or cooling, such as a pool, ice rink or industrial process. Cogeneration systems enhance reliability and power quality by increasing energy efficiency, which helps lower operating costs, while reducing CO2 emissions and other pollutants.

Contact DVB to discuss all of your process piping and ventilation needs.

  • Chemical industrial piping: stainless steel, aluminum, jacketed piping, lined piping
  • Sanitary/Food Grade/Pharmaceutical grade piping system
  • Utility piping
  • Ventilation & exhaust
  • Custom-built process control systems
  • Cogeneration systems or combined heat and power (“CHP”)