VDC/BIM Services

By implementing 3D building models, real world capture, and 3D design files, D.V. Brown is able to obtain a high level of detail that allows for pre-construction walk-throughs, clash detection, and prefabrication of systems. A commitment to quality, value and integrity is the cornerstone of our services, and what differentiates DVB from other mechanical contractors.

Technology has transformed every aspect of business including construction services. Issues that could arise in the field and cause costly delays are resolved in the design phase saving time and money. We have consistently stayed ahead of the curve with use of the latest available software to help deliver successful project outcomes. Our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) team improves design to help provide faster and more accurate project construction. DVB’s VDC/BIM services utilizes the newest design tools to offer a full range of design solutions, ranging from Design Build to full Plan and Spec Coordination.  We have the ability to draw Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC systems at Levels of detail ranging from LOD-100 to LOD-400.  We house a dedicated design staff that allows us to scale to any size project, while controlling design quality.

This allows for:

    • More detailed RFI’s
    • Fewer change orders
    • Fewer delays
    • Less preparation space on the job site
    • Greater efficiency
    • In total; greater quality in less time

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