Chutes, Compactors & Recycling Systems

D.V. Brown & Associates, Inc. (“DVB”) offers a wide range of high-quality linen, recycling and trash chutes, as well as trash compactors and bag packers. We also have the experience and willingness to customize our equipment to solve the most difficult solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about the DV Brown difference for our custom planning and installation of your building chutes.

Linen & Trash Chutes

DVB offers a wide range of options for linen and trash chutes at your facility.  Each chute is custom designed for your facility, which is guided by our DVB Design-Build and Architectural Specialty team.  Our rubbish/linen chutes and intake doors have mechanically locked or butt-welded doors.  We also offer rolling discharge, which automatically close in the event of a fire, hopper discharge, and vents.   Sanitizing units can be ordered to attach to a flushing system to disinfect your chutes.  Additionally, we offer electric interlocks, sound coating, and isolator pads so that the building occupants can enjoy the facility undisturbed.


Chute Fed Waste Compactors for High-Rise Buildings

Like our linen and trash chutes, our compactors are provided with a custom design that is tailored to provide the most efficient system at your facility.  Compactors are installed in street-level refuse rooms.  Customers can receive high-rise building compactors that utilize compaction containers that are wheeled outside for pick-up, or bag packer systems, which are machines that can be used while unattended.

Our recycling systems are tailored to meet the individual waste or recycled disposal requirements of your building.  These systems are proven to help lower your facility management costs, from eliminating floor-to-floor recycling collection programs, while increasing recycling rates.

Our systems have cutting-edge technology, while keeping in mind odor control, safety, and efficiency.


Contact DVB for information about incorporating these into your design.